We are all toy robots

We are all toy robots

Yes, it’s a bit puny. Oscar Wilde wasn’t wrong, unlikely as that may seem, but those of us named “Ernest” tend to march to a slightly different beat, and like anything unusual, we’re occasionally valued for our point of view. Or ridden out of town on a rail.

Actually, the name of the blog is taken from the frequently heard comment, offered by someone who knows me to someone just coming up to speed, that while whatever I’m doing may seem a bit out of step, in fact I’m just “being Ernest”. Again.

I love technology, but not as an end in itself. I like problems, but more for the fun of solving them than having them solved. I don’t always like writing, but generally like having written. I like making boxes for things, whether they’re to organize books, widgets, data or ideas. I like drawing lines to connect things. I like paths. I’d love to live in a box, but usually, I’ll be found thinking outside of one.

I am large. I contain multitudes.

Actually, it all seems pretty consistent to me.

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